The Economist Blogs

June 4, 2008

The Economist has a rather well-developed and flourishing set of blogs up on their website. In fact, the Economist has a great website all around and you can read a wide variety of topics without taking physical possession of their magazine. In typical fashion, nearly all blog posts seem to be made by “The Economist,” the same prolific genius who authors all of their works.

The section on “Democracy in America” carries some keen observations on my favorite form of government in my favorite country/continent. This one leaves one thinking of lolcats, however:

Nice campaign. Be a shame if something wuz to happen to it.

One of the things I notice about the Economist is that they shift into editorial mode with nearly no warning. Their readership tends to expect this, I believe. (I also believe that their readership is fairly consistent and loyal, which may make this observation slightly less remarkable). These readers tend to expect a healthy dose of Anglo-Saxon ultraliberalism, delivered ever so gently…yet never veiled.