The Entitled Generation

June 4, 2008

Just came across this entry regarding Hillary’s public persona.

What I found most interesting was the use of the phrase “the most entitled of all generations.” I should tackle this later when I have the time, but I will say that this younger generation (Carter – Reagan births), of which I am a member, will likely have a great deal of political conflict with its parents.

They grew up during a time of incredible economic prosperity, relative peace (despite the cold war), and increasingly available education. They have furthermore presided over an incredibly peaceful, productive, low-inflation era of good feelings. For an entire decade we were at a loss for a major enemy or international issue.

Yet somehow we’re still sitting here addicted to oil, supposedly destroying our upper atmosphere, arguing over health care, waiting for a social security time bomb, with no bases or casinos on the moon.

Thanks, baby-boomers.