W. Bush Chest Bump

May 31, 2008

I do find this somewhat odd as well:

Pictured: The moment George Bush ‘chest bumps’ an airman

I’m fairly surprised I haven’t seen this from an American source. I would, of course, be forced to consider it an absurd story to publicize even on a relatively slow day. Thus, I have an uneasy feeling about this spread and should probably just move on. I am genuinely vexed by the thought process behind this.

Hat tip to The Political Fancier.


Another Saturday Night Intercession

March 2, 2008

Previously mentioned: last week’s Saturday Night Live skit regarding the media’s portrayal the Democratic primary race. The most recent edition of SNL included another commentary on this issue, which is quite interesting. Twice now, Saturday Night Live has taken it upon itself to address media bias directly.

Hillary Clinton Does SNL

Outside the Beltway notes that this sense of partiality is odd, that it is more customary to make light of both candidates. I have to believe, though, that they are doing this in large part because no one else is. Moreover, the candidates are hardly being parodied at all; the object of the joke is NBC.

As an aside: this appearance, like Mike Huckabee’s, came off fairly well. Such a thing is always a risk. (Recall George W. Bush on David Letterman).