Drudge Report at the Political Junction

How Matt Drudge Rules the (Political) World

This article addresses an important point about media bias that is rarely discussed on street corners: the selection of certain stories and the consideration they are given. Air time and print space are limited resources.

it is well worth reminding yourself of how much power Drudge has to push a particular storyline or a broader narrative in the race.

While the story would almost certainly have gotten attention due to its salacious nature, make no mistake: Matt Drudge made that story and ensured that it dominated the world of political journalism for at least 24 hours.

As should be noted, my use of the word “bias” is not necessarily negative. Everything contains bias, sometimes unintentional and sometimes simply by its nature. As I said, air time and print space are limited resources — someone has to make decisions.

The second major reason for Drudge’s influence, according to the Fix’s informal poll of Drudge-ologists is his ability to sniff out a potentially big story when others — including reporters — miss it at first glance.

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