The Experience Factor

Senator McCain is beginning to consolidate efforts against his likely rivals, with Senator Obama as the target of what has seemingly become his new stump material.

Eloquent but empty…

The debate over experience has thus far been confined to the Democratic primary, which — although it doesn’t seem resonate well with voters in these turbulent times — has been quite an intriguing comparison. It is interesting to note that Clinton has been a U.S. Senator for only four years more than Obama. He began his term in the Illinois Senate in 1997, four years before Clinton took her first elected office. Her claims of experience, results, and change-that-works seem to be heavily reliant on her non-elected time as an organizer and First Lady.

The two of them have notably short public records.

It will be interesting to see how well McCain, with twenty-six years as a federal politician (and the baggage that comes in tow), will be able to present this issue.

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